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911 Mysteries

Part 1 - Demolitions

Complete running time: 90mins

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911 Mysteries takes you on a very important journey through the hard facts about what happened on September 11th 2001 when multiple planes were hijacked and then used as missiles on buildings in the United States. We soon find that the official story we are being told by the mass media and officials is one filled with lies and deceit.

Some of the answers that have been given to the public about this tragic event are close to that of a juvenile parent not wanting to go the extra mile to fully explain a question to a child. Did you know that over 1000 registered engineers have gone on record saying that it is not only impossible for the World Trade Center buildings to collapse due to the pancake effect, (that the official story claims), but it would defy the laws of physics. Did the mass media tell us why the main supports of the buildings were cut with thermite? Did they explain properly why building 7 collapsed under its own weight? The question "why" keeps coming up and if they can not answer then we have no option but to come to the conclusion that 911 was an inside job that was covered up.

This is a really great film for someone new to the 911 Mystery

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