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About Us

About Us

At Truth Seeking DVDs we believe that knowledge is power and the only reason we have made this site is to quench that thirst that so many of us have. Everyday we get bombarded with dis-information and lies. This has to change, we will not be treated like children anymore, but it's up to all of us to take control of our lives and our community in a peaceful, mature way and this is made much easier with the power of knowledge and understanding.


If you are a first time buyer please make yourself aware of what these products represent and are about before you buy.

We sell these DVDs for informational purposes only. These DVDs are not high Bluray quality, some are good quality some are lower quality, but you will always be able to get the information from them. If you are concerned about quality please ask before you purchase. Thank you for understanding


To avoid DVD player problems please make sure your player can play region free DVDs. Most computers are fine, but make sure to check before purchasing.