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Earth Dilemma

Alex Collier

Complete running time: 120mins

Item Description

We all know that the Earth and her human inhabitants are in a dilemma, we all know that the governments have become corrupted and that no one seems to have any answers.

In this in-depth interview Alex tells of his encounters with the Andromeda race and huge amount of information he has learnt from them, how we have been "messed with" for 14000 years by outsiders and that this will continue unless we "grow up" and start acting like the galactic beings we once were. He tells of the Andromeda’s constant strive for evolution and bettering themselves. And how they, along with countless others have been trying to lift us into the next level of consciousness.

This will take a lot of courage and determination on our half and it can be done.

This interview has so much information on galactic beings benevolent and not. In addition, gives you so much info on what has gone wrong and what we can do to solve it. All it takes is an mature mind and an open heart.

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