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Alternative 3

Cosmic Black Operations of the Illuminati

Complete running time: 283mins

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In 1967 a book was published by the name of "The report from Iron Mountain" and was purported to be an official government report leaked by one of the participants in the research group. In that report it was suggested that pollution of the planet be allowed to continue until it could be made into a global catastrophe. Making a world-wide external threat that would bring the people of the world to the point of total acceptance of a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT under the UNITED NATIONS.

ALTERNATIVE 3 was then made to be a man-made Noah's ark for the elites and "the rich men". A guide for what to do with the approaching events, that is happening and being carried out now. This involves a depopulation program, a moon and mars base program and an underground program all of which is top secret but is now coming to light.

As you can see there is a plethora of information which comes with the 3, this why the film is  early 5 hours long

Please watch this film to very end, it is extremely fascinating and a must for any conspiracy investigator.

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