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Global warming or Global Governance

Sovereignty International Environmental Perspectives

Complete running time: 81mins

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Climate change is not as simple as the fear mongers would have you believe. They would say that CO2 is the killer and anything that produces CO2 should be taxed, or made redundant. The problem is that CO2 has nothing to do with climate change, but the sun and other solar changes is actually the likely culprit and all the evidence clearly points that way. Al gore has already been discredited by indisputable evidence of tampering with data and with no real scientific evidence. The climate change madness has become to be known as just another way to tax the people and this is exactly what it is.

If you are not quite convinced that man made CO2 created climate change then by the end of this DVD you will know you are right. And if any politician tries to push the climate change tax you will know that they are just after more revenue.

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