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The Strecker Memorandum

AIDS The Truth

Complete running time: 92mins

Item Description

The Strecker Memorandum gives us a complete overview of the AIDS virus and shows us that this virus has no correlation to the stories about it coming from the Green monkey. But in fact has been engineered from cattle and sheep and was introduced to the population.

This DVD is backed with absolute scientific evidence that will make your heart sink and will cause you to come to the conclusion that there are people in this world who will go to extreme lengths to kill and commit genocide. This is a conspiracy that ties in with cancer, that we as a free people have been lied to about and made to think that these viruses and diseases are natural and something that we have no cure for, but as Dr Roy Rife, Dr Wilhelm Reich, Dr Rath and other great medical doctors have discovered that this is not the case and that we have the means to stop any disease if only we be left alone by the vested interests.

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